Where in the world is this?

Can you guess the continent or city of this Starbucks location?

Where in the world is this?

Photographer/Author: John Zeus 2012.

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John Zeus

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8 Comments on “Where in the world is this?”

  1. mizrhi Says:

    I am going to guess somewhere middle eastern?


    • johnzeus Says:

      That’s a good guess! It was taken in Athens Greece, close to the Acropolis.


      • mizrhi Says:

        Ahh there we go. I was given a lot of clues – closeness of the buildings, concrete walls, tin roofs, satellite dishes – lots of them. All tell tale clues of a moderately developed, medium to high density, resource depleted nation.

  2. Shutterbug Sage Says:



    • johnzeus Says:

      Athens, good eye! The neoclassical architecture does look Parisian.


      • Shutterbug Sage Says:

        Ah, Athens. I would have never guessed, because even after knowing that’s the answer, I don’t recall seeing that type of architecture during my visit there six years ago.

  3. megsays Says:

    I’m not sure, but I’d love to be drinking a cup of coffee from one of those balconies. Wherever it is, I bet the view is beautiful!


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