Laneways of St. John’s Newfoundland

Youth Expression…Art…

The many laneways of downtown St. John’s Newfoundland offer plenty of colourful encounters. “Legal Graffiti” spaces help revitalize lane ways in the downtown area. Many people would normally not walk through this walkway photographed here because “it was so dingy and it looked so bad”. Now, because of the graffiti many more people travel through the back lanes.

St John’s legal wall quote
Art spaces such as legal graffiti walls legitimize and value creative youth expression, promoting the presence and activity of young people in public spaces’ prominent, not marginalized, space.

Laneways St. John's 7

St. John's Laneways 2

St. John’s Laneways 2

St. John's Laneways 3

St. John’s Laneways 3

St. John's Laneways 4

St. John’s Laneways 4

St. John's Laneways 5

St. John’s Laneways 5

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John Zeus

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