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Releasing the Monarch At Withrow Park

September 28, 2014


Carol Pasternak (MBA, LLB) has been raising monarch butterflies for over 30 years, first with her boyfriend, then with her kids. When she got a digital camera, she started taking hundreds of pictures of her caterpillars and newborn butterflies. She put them in photo books to show to her friends. It was their encouragement that led to the writing of How To Raise Monarch Butterflies.
She joined us at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market on Saturday for a very special demonstration as she tagged and released two Monarch butterflies, with the help of eager children entranced by her display, to begin their 5,000 kilometre migration from Canada to Mexico – the longest insect migration on earth. However, the migration of the Monarch is in jeopardy due to climate change and deforestation.


Please read this WWF article for a greater understanding of their plight and how you can help : Protecting the Monarch Butterflies: Conservation in your own backyard


More information on Carol’s workshops : Carol Pasternak, Author, Photographer
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Toronto’s 1958-built Don Jail East Wing Demolition

April 9, 2014


Image 21

Image 45

April 9, 2014 – Riverdale Park East, Toronto, Canada – Shot by John Zeus

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Heritage Turkey Eggs In A Basket

April 1, 2014



Heritage Turkey Eggs In A Basket
Collected at Murray’s Farm, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Photo By John Zeus

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A Woman And Her Dog Reflected In A Puddle From Melted Ice

January 12, 2014


A woman is reflected in a puddle from rain and melted ice as she walks her dog in TorontoA woman is reflected in a puddle from rain and melted ice as she walks her dog during winter in Toronto, January 11, 2014. The frigid air and “polar vortex” that affected about 240 million people in the U.S. and southern Canada will depart during the second half of the week, and a far-reaching January thaw will begin, according to weather forecasts. The picture was taken by placing the camera upside down in the puddle.

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Source: REUTERS/Mark Blinch (CANADA – Tags: ENVIRONMENT ANIMALS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY), via A woman is reflected in a puddle from rain and melted ice as she walks her dog in Toronto.

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Early December Ritual Of The Douglas Fir (In Photos)

December 18, 2013


Choosing the perfect locally grown Douglas Fir, carrying it home with love and decorating the Christmas Tree. Douglas Fir:JZT

Photos taken on December 07, 2013, in Toronto by John Zeus

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Tires By The Green Shed (Photo)

December 12, 2013


Tires by the green shed

I love this photo and just thought I’d share it with you. Taken at Murray’s Farm on a cold snowy morning. Tractor tires covered in snow, walnut trees lining the driveway and the green shed, a warm shelter for ducks and hens.

“Tires By The Green Shed” | Shot by John Zeus | Just north of Cambridge, Ontario

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Mom At The Parthenon Of Athens, Greece (1963 Photo)

December 10, 2013


Mom at parthenon:1963

My mom as a young lady in high school. This photo was taken in 1963 during her graduating class trip to the Parthenon of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

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Toronto Skylines – Condos & CN Tower (Photo)

December 2, 2013


Toronto Condo/CN Tower

November 24, 2013 | Photo: CN Tower & Condos, Toronto, Ontario – Looking east from the waterfront | Taken by John Zeus on a Samsung Galaxy S3

Photo Thoughts: Condos & Migrating Birds

Toronto is a booming city with a new emphasis on urban intensification. It seems like a new glass condo tower goes up every other week.

The city lies in the confluence of two major bird migratory paths so there is a higher than average concentration of migrating birds. New condo developments present a wall of glass-clad high-rises in the middle of the birds’ routes. When these glass condos reflect the surrounding environment, the birds take it for natural landscape and fly right into the glass.

Millions of birds die this way in the city every year. I hope the condo developers, city hall and Torontonians find a permanent solution to this problem. The birds are depending on us.

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