Contemplating Dinosaurs, Feeding The Inner Child

November 8, 2013

Dinosaurs, Fossils, Life, Photos, ROM, Toronto

A trip to the dinosaur exhibit at the museum has always been a cherished experience. Carefree childhood memories of my dad taking me to see the dinosaurs since I was six years old. I remember that moment as a child, standing there, looking up in awe at Albertosaurus towering over us.

I still visit once a year, alone, sometimes on my birthday. I sit, meditate, contemplate Albertosaurus and the other fossils, connect with my inner child, and escape for a few moments from the stresses of adulthood.

Photos by John Zeus | Taken at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
dino 3-jz

dino 4-jz

dino 2-jz


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John Zeus

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2 Comments on “Contemplating Dinosaurs, Feeding The Inner Child”

  1. laviebohemeart Says:

    Jajajaja, the simplest of things to make you feel like a kid!!!!


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