Volunteer Profiles – Leah and Mike

Our awesome volunteers, Mike & Leah! - Withrow Park Farmers' Market

Our dedicated volunteers, Mike & Leah – Withrow Park Farmers’ Market

Tell us something about yourselves?

We moved to the east end five years ago and have a beautiful 14 month old daughter who occupies most of our time now! When we’re not playing with her, Mike can be found running his marketing and branding company, Brandheroes, while Leah can be found working as an environmental consultant up in Richmond Hill.

What inspired you to volunteer with Withrow Market?

Shortly after we moved to the area, we stumbled across the market just as it was closing down for the day. Well into the winter, when we were both craving some fresh Ontario produce, we remembered the market. A quick Google search found us the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market, and we saw a call out for volunteers on the website. Leah had been looking for a local organization with which to get involved in her free time, and this seemed like the perfect fit. Outdoors, supporting local farmers and meeting people from the area. Mike agreed and jumped on the wagon!

What has the experience been like?

It has been amazing! We can’t believe this is our fifth season volunteering! Although we have sometimes wondered what we were thinking when our alarm wakes us up early on a Saturday morning, we love it once we’re there. And now with our daughter, we are awake bright and early anyways! We have met so many great people that we keep in touch with outside of the market as well, and it feels great to be involved in such a great community.

What’s your favourite aspect of being Withrow Market volunteers?

Getting first crack at the amazing produce and prepared food from the vendors! We also love the camaraderie when we get there – it’s always such a great way to start our day to walk in to the market and greet all the other volunteers and vendors by name. We love bringing our daughter now too, and she is on cloud 9 with all the attention she gets and the constant supply of new dogs to look at!

What’s on your farmers’ market shopping list?

Oh where to start? Strawberries and blueberries, carrots, potatoes, beans, corn…and of course pastries!

Withrow Park Farmers’ Market wouldn’t exist without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers. If you love being outside, eating yummy local food and being part of a wonderful community initiative, then the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is the place for you! JOIN US!

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