Volunteer Profiles – Julie and Tim

Julie and Tim - Withrow Market - 2014 Season

Our community volunteers, Julie and Tim – Withrow Park Farmers’ Market – 2014 Season

Tell us something about yourselves?

We moved to the East end just over a year ago and since then we have fallen in love with this vibrant, multicultural and inviting neighbourhood. We are avid urbanists, choosing to live, play and work in the big city. We look forward to the weekends to explore and embrace all the city has to offer including the farmer’s markets!

What inspired you both to volunteer with Withrow Market?

We discovered the market last year when walking through the neighbourhood and we really liked the community vibe. It wasn’t until we were at a Cooking From Scratch workshop (given by Centre for Local Food Initiatives, the umbrella organization for the Market), that we decided to get involved. We both feel very strongly about food security as well as supporting local farmers and independent food vendors.

What has the experience been like so far?

It’s been fantastic! We typically do the early swift, which is a bit difficult to get up for sometimes, but are always really glad we do it as it gets our weekend off to an early and positive start. We help the vendors set up their stalls, staff the coffee table and ensure the market is running smoothly.

What are your favourite aspects of being volunteers?

Meeting the vendors, learning about what’s on sale that week, and getting to chat with the patrons of the market.

Most importantly – What’s on your farmers’ market shopping list?

So many things!! Definitely the coffee and baked goods (to get us through the morning), but also the fresh produce, cheese, wine… and are partial to the cilantro-olive bread from St. John’s Bakery.

Withrow Park Farmers’ Market wouldn’t exist without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers. If you love being outside, eating yummy local food and being part of a wonderful community initiative, then the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is the place for you! JOIN US!

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2 Comments on “Volunteer Profiles – Julie and Tim”

  1. Aliya Says:

    Awesome, love Julie and Tim!


  2. Terry Sidwell Jnr Says:

    Go for it cuz!


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