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Origins And The Modern Cup Of Coffee (Infographic)

October 25, 2013


Since it’s African origins (circa A.D. 800) coffee has established itself as a commodity crop throughout the globe. Today it is one of the world’s most profitable export crops.

It’s origins began with Kaldi, a legendary Ethiopian goat herder who noticed his herd dancing from one coffee shrub to another, grazing on the cherry-red coffee berries. He ate a few himself and was soon dancing with his herd.  Witnessing Kaldi’s goatly gambol, a monk plucked berries for his brothers. That night they were uncannily alert to divine inspiration.

The following infographic outlines both historical facts on coffee and how the crop exists today, and is evolving.

Infographic design by: Unknown


Original Image published by: Foody Direct

Story by: John Zeus

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