My Algonquin Canoe

August 2010 | Canoe Trip, Algonquin Provincial Park | Ontario, Canada

Paddling across lilly filled flat water lakes, portaging, hiking, occupying Algonquin with our little yellow canoe. Wildlife sightings! A Great Gray Owl, Moose; mother and calf, Beaver, Blue Heron, Common Loon, a wolf howls…

Thanks for watching the video.
Photos on WordPress: Algonquin Canoe Trip 2010


Photo and Video Source: John Zeus, taken on a Canon Sure Shot
Music Source: Dr. Draw, Rodrigo

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John Zeus

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One Comment on “My Algonquin Canoe”

  1. l menefee Says:

    Awesome spot of the Great Grey! Nice Shot! I am so jealous…I was in Algonquin for just a day in 2010 and it was kind of torture to be there for only a few hours….I immediately coveted a back country paddle. Interesting treatment of the Villa Lobos Bacchus Brazilianos. That may be a wolf pup (what month is this?), or a coyote–I can’t quite get it through the music–would be nice if you could tack the howl on at the end after the music stops. So lucky!! I love loons.


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