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The Farm – Heritage Chicken Breeds

March 20, 2012


A February morning, Cambridge Ontario, Canada | Murray’s Farm: Heritage breeds of chickens.

On a cold wintry day I took these photos while collecting farm fresh eggs in the hen house.

Heritage breeds are some of the breeds of chicken that have neared extinction due to commercial farming which does not favour their characteristics. Commercial chickens are very far away from natural. These Heritage chickens are wonderfully natural and interesting to look at. Lack of demand has led to dangerously low numbers due to lack of breeding. Over the years, North Americans have moved from family flocks to commercial poultry. The convenience factor has resulted in many chicken breeds nearing extinction.

Extinction of a breed would mean the irrevocable loss of the genetic resources and options it embodies.

Click on a thumbnail below to access and scroll through the photo gallery.

There is a need to ensure the future of agriculture through the genetic conservation and promotion of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry. – John Zeus

Additional photos of breeds taken late summer.

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Photos – Orphaned Grizzly Habitat On Grouse Mountain

January 24, 2012


It was a dark foggy misty afternoon in Vancouver. I was done with my meetings and had the remainder of the afternoon off. Wanting to connect with the synergy of this beautiful place I hiked up to Grouse Mountain. After a while there was a clearing in the fog, to my surprise I had stumbled upon a habitat for orphaned Grizzly bears.  Click on a thumbnail to access the gallery, enjoy the photos…

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