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What Is That?

April 23, 2014


A father and son sit on a park bench and enjoy a quiet afternoon together. The father keeps asking the same question over and over again much to the annoyance of his son.

This video sends a powerful message. Have patience with those you love, both young and old, because at one time or another, you were or will be those people. One of the most touching videos I’ve ever seen. ^

Father: Nikos Zoiopoulos
Son: Panagiotis Bougiouris

Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Written by: Nikos & Constantin Pilavios
Director of photography: Zoe Manta
Music by: Christos Triantafillou
Sound by: Teo Babouris
Mixed by: Kostas Varibobiotis
Produced by: MovieTeller films

Original Source: YouTube – What Is That? (Τι είναι αυτό;) 2007

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