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Ethical Animal Farming

April 9, 2016


The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is dedicated to promoting free-range, humane, organic and hormone-free animal farming. We will only host farmers that exercise these practices on their farm.

Source: Ethical Animal Farming

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Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

January 28, 2016



Source : Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

The Keenan’s were represented by Bram A. Lecker and Matthew A. Fisher of Lecker & Associates, Employment and Disability lawyers.

“The Court of Appeal in Ontario has today strongly endorsed the protection and rights of vulnerable and precarious workers who are considered to be “contractors” rather than employees. They are often denied the basic rights of notice and severance afforded to employees at the time of dismissal.

Marilyn and Lawrence Keenan are a husband and wife who worked for Canac Kitchens since 1976, with Marilyn initially assisting her husband informally and then joining full time in 1983. In 1987 Canac decided that the Keenan’s would no longer be considered employees but they were kept on as contractors.” Continue Reading : Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

Congratulations to the workers of Ontario! 

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EI Benefits Explained – Toronto Employment Lawyers

December 16, 2015


EI Benefits Explained – You’ve Just Lost Your Job; What Do You Do Now? Our federal Employment Insurance (EI) program provides temporary financial assistance

Source: EI Benefits Explained – Toronto Employment Lawyers

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Unpaid Internships – Are They Legal? – Employment Lawyer

December 4, 2015


A patchwork of unpaid internships regulations has become a growing crisis across Canada. To Be Informed Is To Be Armed! – Toronto Employment Lawyer

Source: Unpaid Internships – Are They Legal? – Employment Lawyer

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Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered To Your Home

January 19, 2015


Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered To Your Home.

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Through The Looking Glass: Hiring Sales People

April 13, 2013


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April 13, 2012


Pascha in 2013

Pascha (Easter) is traditionally the most important holiday for Greeks. This year will be the poorest Pascha in Greece. With many families relying on food banks and clothing donations for children.

Pascha is the Greek Orthodox Easter. In 2012, Holy Week observations started at the beginning of the week with Good Friday observed today, April 13th and Easter Sunday on April 15th. Kalo Pascha is Happy Easter in Greek.

Pascha in 2013

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A Recipe For Successful Collaboration

January 20, 2012


Excerpts adapted from:  A Model Space For Learning

A Recipe For Successful Collaboration

The new program space at the Centre Branch YMCA is much less a classroom, and much more an engaging, collaborative, technology-rich environment that’s drawn rave reviews from facilitators and participants alike.

The idea that FPSYIP and CIC have created much more than a program room for participants was on full display during  a recent site visit by Dan Trepanier, National Program Manager, and  User Adoption, Wiki Platform Manager,  John Zeus.

London: A Space To Remember

Imagine a room with an impossibly high ceiling, filled with furnishings, artwork and amenities so far removed from a traditional classroom environment that program participants often don’t want to leave the room. That’s the secret behind the converted space used by FPSYIP, CIC and other programs, courtesy of this unique collaborative effort. The new space incorporates technology that includes a smart board, internet-enabled computer, a projector with pull-down screen, a large-screen flat panel TV and a Wii gaming console, with furnishings that range from oversized beanbag futons to an inclusive square of tables and chairs for a dynamic face-to-face presentation environment. One thing is for certain: the FPSYIP space within the downtown London YMCA makes an immediate, yet lasting, impression.

Full video podcast

“One intern summed it up nicely. He said, ‘There’s a reason that we quit school, and we want to go into any space is something OTHER than a classroom.’ This space fosters and enhances the different learning styles of the participants. You can really keep their attention, even at 2:30 in the afternoon.” – Dan Trepanier

“It’s very comfortable. Like home. It doesn’t feel like a classroom. A facilitator can get very creative delivering an essential skills program in a workshop room like this.” – John Zeus

Read more: Internship Success

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