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Releasing the Monarch At Withrow Park

September 28, 2014


Carol Pasternak (MBA, LLB) has been raising monarch butterflies for over 30 years, first with her boyfriend, then with her kids. When she got a digital camera, she started taking hundreds of pictures of her caterpillars and newborn butterflies. She put them in photo books to show to her friends. It was their encouragement that led to the writing of How To Raise Monarch Butterflies.
She joined us at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market on Saturday for a very special demonstration as she tagged and released two Monarch butterflies, with the help of eager children entranced by her display, to begin their 5,000 kilometre migration from Canada to Mexico – the longest insect migration on earth. However, the migration of the Monarch is in jeopardy due to climate change and deforestation.


Please read this WWF article for a greater understanding of their plight and how you can help : Protecting the Monarch Butterflies: Conservation in your own backyard


More information on Carol’s workshops : Carol Pasternak, Author, Photographer
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