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Praying For A Light Of Hope For The People Of The Philippines

November 13, 2013


My heart goes out to all the people of the Central Philippines, my thoughts and prayers to my friends living there and all my friends with family there. You are not alone.
Light of Hope

Seeing and reading all the news updates on the situation of the countless victims of Yolanda (Haiyan) is saddening. All the finger pointing going on and still no concrete rescue efforts visible. My prayers and wishes that all our individual efforts of sending food, blankets, clothing and aid begin to amount to something and continue on until we have reached all those in need. Please continue giving.

Image Source: Google images

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In Toronto, Zombies Walk

October 26, 2013


The living dead infect downtown Toronto for the city’s 11th annual Zombie Walk, in support of The Heart and Stroke Foundation.  A big thank you to the volunteers, organizers and all the walkers for making it a successful event! I enjoyed taking these photos.

Gallery, click on any photo below.


Photographed by: John Zeus

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