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America By Famous Brands – Map

November 11, 2013


A map entitled “The Corporate States of America” created by writer and graphic designer Steve Lovelace. Here, he creatively illustrates the most famous brands that represent each state.


Thoughts? Do you agree with his brand selection for your state?

Source: Steve Lovelace: The Corporate States Of America. The map is available as a poster for order on his website.

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European Shopping Bags

May 16, 2012


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Source: Images are from BOREDPANDA.COM

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How Useful is Pinterest, Really? | RICG

February 24, 2012


Shared: How Useful is Pinterest, Really? | RICG.

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Popular Brandmarks With Hidden Messages

January 26, 2012


Some Brandmarks can hold a lot of information about the brand, all you have to do is look at the clues within the image. This is a small sampling of a few to get you started.

Used to be the emblem for the Milwaukee Brewers. Baseball glove forms an “M” and a “B”. Logo was designed by a college art student.

Smiley face is also a “g” like in “goodwill”.

See the gorilla and lioness ?

Northwest Airlines. Circle is a compass. Guess which direction the arrow in upper left corner (or beginning of “W”) is pointing ?

There is a bear if you look closely at image of Matterhorn. Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne, Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.

There is a sideways chocolate kiss between “K” and “I”.

Arrow probably means Amazon has everything from A to Z ?

Do you see the arrow between the second “E” and “x” ?? I had never noticed this before.

Probably the world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist – yellow circle front wheel of bicycle.

2nd and 3rd “t’s” are two people sharing a tortilla over a bowl of salsa.

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