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Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

January 28, 2016



Source : Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

The Keenan’s were represented by Bram A. Lecker and Matthew A. Fisher of Lecker & Associates, Employment and Disability lawyers.

“The Court of Appeal in Ontario has today strongly endorsed the protection and rights of vulnerable and precarious workers who are considered to be “contractors” rather than employees. They are often denied the basic rights of notice and severance afforded to employees at the time of dismissal.

Marilyn and Lawrence Keenan are a husband and wife who worked for Canac Kitchens since 1976, with Marilyn initially assisting her husband informally and then joining full time in 1983. In 1987 Canac decided that the Keenan’s would no longer be considered employees but they were kept on as contractors.” Continue Reading : Independent Contractor Or A Dependent Employee?

Congratulations to the workers of Ontario! 

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Temporary Contract Worker – The Permanent Plight

January 19, 2016


Contrary to what your employer has told you, the temporary contract worker is entitled to the same rights as permanent workers. | Employment Lawyer

You may have heard of Karl Marx and his division of society into competing classes between the proletariat (the workers and employees) and the business owning employers.

But a new buzzword is gaining traction to describe the precarious state of the Canadian and American labour force. The Precariat or wage-earners that exist in a perpetual state of unpredictability or insecurity. Read More.

Source: Temporary Contract Worker – The Permanent Plight – Employment Lawyer

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Vacation Entitlements and the Workplace 101

January 14, 2016


It’s that time of year, vacation season is just around the corner. As you finalize your travel plans and look forward to some leisure time with friends and family, here is a useful read about your vacation entitlements….
Vacation Entitlements – Toronto Employment Lawyers -Most employees in Ontario are entitled to a minimum of two weeks’ vacation after one year of employment.

Source: Vacation Entitlements and the Workplace 101

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