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Toronto Tower Cranes – River City And The West Don Lands

March 25, 2013


On Weekends The Tower Cranes Stand Silent.

During the week, there’s a flurry of construction activity underway in Toronto’s West Don Lands. Tower cranes are a common fixture here as they’ve been throughout Toronto since the condo construction boom began a few years ago. Signs of change in this neighbourhood are now becoming apparent. It’s an interesting area to explore on weekends. ^ Photos by John Zeus





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Video – Toronto Earth Hour

March 24, 2013

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Source: Earth Hour Timelapse – Toronto, Canada by Dave Dunville

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Rice Lake Otter

March 19, 2013


Watch the video.

3:30 pm EDT – March 16, 2013 | Gores Landing, Rice Lake Ontario, Canada | -7C

Spring is on it’s way. A few more days till the vernal equinox, the calendar says.
This winter won’t let go, Rice Lake is frozen through to the other side.
A cold wind blowing off the wintry lake, we hear the lake moving underneath the ice.
*Splash*,  an otter appears, slipping through a hole in the ice to catch and carry fish to her babies. They nestle underneath the dock. Spring is late this year.

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stdprod_078568Rice Lake is a lake located in south-eastern Ontario. The lake is 32 km long and 5 km wide. It’s fairly shallow and was named for the wild rice which grew in it and was harvested by the First Nations people of the area.

Photos and Video taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3
Music Source: The Doors – Soul Kitchen

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